Kitanoda, Sakai, Osaka, Japan


  1. This is too common a street
    One that is made of concrete
    Giving way to nowhere
    But a place of despair
    Even shadows are afraid
    Of going beyond the shade
    Things can't be otherwise
    When broken are the ties
    Craving for a lost horizon
    in vain,having lost all reason

  2. To be honest, I didn't like that photo at all and I still don't !
    I don't see the point of it ... but again I am no expert.
    Yet somehow, I could grasp what I hated in this pic... but I not sure whether it's the pic or my present state of mind I find so dull ;-)

  3. But there IS no point and there rarely is one, really.
    Maybe I just found the fallen post and the shadow interesting then. Now maybe the intricacy of the straight lines ? I would need to make a drawing, but well...
    Also this shot is a VERY cliché : the shadow on the pavement.
    I don't know : I am no expert neither ; )

  4. While it certainly isn't as great many of the pictures here, I'm not certain it deserves hate... Shrug, to each there own.

    I do like the lines in this shot, and the post... I think if I had taken it, I would have tried to get the shadow to do something with that post... Maybe hold it, or ride it, or push it.