Kitanoda, Sakai, Osaka, Japan


  1. This is too common a street
    One that is made of concrete
    Giving way to nowhere
    But a place of despair
    Even shadows are afraid
    Of going beyond the shade
    Things can't be otherwise
    When broken are the ties
    Craving for a lost horizon
    in vain,having lost all reason

  2. To be honest, I didn't like that photo at all and I still don't !
    I don't see the point of it ... but again I am no expert.
    Yet somehow, I could grasp what I hated in this pic... but I not sure whether it's the pic or my present state of mind I find so dull ;-)

  3. But there IS no point and there rarely is one, really.
    Maybe I just found the fallen post and the shadow interesting then. Now maybe the intricacy of the straight lines ? I would need to make a drawing, but well...
    Also this shot is a VERY cliché : the shadow on the pavement.
    I don't know : I am no expert neither ; )

  4. While it certainly isn't as great many of the pictures here, I'm not certain it deserves hate... Shrug, to each there own.

    I do like the lines in this shot, and the post... I think if I had taken it, I would have tried to get the shadow to do something with that post... Maybe hold it, or ride it, or push it.

  5. Indeed, My words were inappropriate and I apologize (shame on me). I was a silly young lost spirit at the time.
    I really admired your work and thank you again for being so kind and even taking the time to answer me back then.
    Strangely enough I found my way back to your blog ten years later. I realize how lucky I was at the time to have been able to discover your work .
    All the best .

    1. Well, thank you for your words.
      Time flies! This blog has been on pause for a few years,
      in favor of a different kind of art.
      Take care.

  6. Ten years ago , I was really inspired by your photos and even found them challenging to write on...I am grateful that you didn't laugh at my words back them.
    That was very considerate of you as I certainly didn't deserve it. ;-)
    I am not surprised that you carried on expressing your artistic sense. I might not know much but I really felt you had your own eye on things. Thanks for sharing it. It's precious and rare.
    Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thanks a lot, it means much.
      I design and craft movable books and stuff now (mainly), and self-publish.
      Over here
      and here
      All the best to you too.
      I hope you continue writing.